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One of the questions I get asked all the time is ‘how can I get started in yoga?’ I wanted to create a guide for someone who has ever been curious to try yoga but has been too intimidated to come to a class or wants to understand an asana more and how to move safely and confidently in any type of Hatha, power, or vinyasa class. 

I asked myself ‘what offering can I give to students right now that will benefit them straight away?’ and this e-book was the answer.

Begin your Yoga Journey Now 

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Explore the alignment cues, options for modifications as well as the benefits for each pose.


This downloadable ebook can be taken with you anywhere on your phone or computer. It is a great investment in self-care and movement. 

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Hello Beautiful Yogis!

You might also enjoy tthis 20 minute Gentle Yoga Flow Stretch for Beginners on my You Tube Channel 


This flow is really geared towards the beginner yogi, however if you are a more seasoned yogi you can still definitely benefit from this practice if you are after a lighter stretch.


In this flow, you won't need any equipment. Just your body, your breath and your yoga mat.


I feel so fortunate to have been given the honour of becoming a Lorna Jane Active Living Stretch Coach.



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