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5 Reasons Why a Yoga Teacher Training is the Best Thing Ever

by Grace Teale

1) You'll get out of your comfort zone

You will definitely be getting out of your comfort zone! It takes guts to stand in front of your peers and bare your soul. You will exceed all of your expectations!!!

2) You will deepen your knowledge

You gain so much knowledge from coming into class each week, but a YTT will take you even deeper. Get to know about the history of yoga, anatomy, mantras, the language of Sanskrit, meditation, advanced asana and so much more!!!!

3) You'll find your tribe

Spending over 250 hours with the same individuals over an extended period you will definitely gain life long friends. Most people that go into a YTT are like minded individuals. All that 'weird spiritual s***' your regular friends aren't normally down for you'll find in your fellow YTT besties

4) You'll cry and laugh like you've never cried or laughed before

Something I had to learn the hard way! Imagine being so vulnerable around your peer and feeling so nervous you burst into tears, the belly laughs don't stop either- I have the best memories from my YTT (lunchtime with my YTT besties)

5) You'll learn to love yourself

All that love and compassion you extend to others during your YTT will start to rub off on you. You'll start to see the best parts of yourself and omfg you will be so proud of yourself

Every experience is definitely unique and there are some parts that you may not expect, but overall a YTT can be life changing (it definitely was for me).

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