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5 things that might surprise you about yoga teachers

1) We're not always chill!

In fact, most of us are yoga practitioners and yoga teachers because we're a little crazy.

2) Occasionally we wear normal clothes. And high heels it's very rare but it happens!

3) We spend a lot of money to teach yoga True story! A 200 hour teacher training cost anywhere between $2,500 and $10,000!!!!! Then there's additional training which can be hundreds of dollars and up to thousands! There are books, online courses and of course yoga pants ⁣

4) We want you to like us.... a lot! This is why we spend countless hours making playlists, drawing out sequences, finding the perfect theme, sharing quotes at the beginning of class all because we want you to feel good in our space but also because we love you ⁣

5) We burn out most of us are empaths, which is why we are probably drawn to yoga in the first place. You might thinking teaching 15 classes a week isn't a lot, but when you pour your heart, your mind, your body and your whole soul into your teaching it's very easy to burn out.⁣

Having said that, our work is our passion and the very thing that can burn us out is the very thing that lights us up! If you have a yoga teacher in your life who has helped you in some small way please share it with them, it will go a long way :)

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