32 Life Lessons

Today marks 32 trips around the sun and to celebrate I'm excited to share 32 of the most important lessons I've learnt so far. How many can you relate to? And what have been your most important lessons thus far?

1) It's okay to say no

2) Not everyone is going to like you and that's okay

3) Gratitude makes life better

4) Exercise patience (mostly when children are involved)

5) Speak less and listen more

6) Self education is the best education

7) Trust my intuition

8) In a long term relationship, love is not a feeling, it's a choice

9) Anything that is worthwhile takes time and considerable effort

10) Being a working mum benefits my children in more ways than one

11) Appreciate the little things and the big things will come

12) My failures do not define me

13) We don't have to be happy all the time

14) Everything is temporary, just ride the wave

15) Meditation makes life better

16) Being loud does not always equal being heard


17) Self love is the best love

18) Give more than you take

19) Early nights and early mornings are the secret to getting shit done

20) Invest in your health, it's worth it

21) Ask your boss for the money you are worth

22) Don't be afraid to talk about money (again with the money!)

23) Yoga doesn't take time, it gives time

24) Comparison is a bitch

25) Do what you love every single day

26) Passion is the fuel for energy

27) Surround yourself with good people (say goodbye to the toxic peeps)

28) Become a morning person (more on this later)

29) Read books that teach you something (don't get me wrong, I love me some Harry Potter and it's great for down time! But books can change your life if you pick the right ones)

30) Be careful with words you say to others, and more importantly be careful with the words you say to yourself

31) The energy you put out, is the energy you get back

32) The present moment is all we really have