Yoga has continued to appear in and out my life since I was 16 years old. After my very first class in high school, I decided yoga was definitely not for me- too slow and too boring! Nothing about yoga appealed to me and if somebody had told me back then that I would be teaching it full time today, my high school me would not have believed it. Fast forward to 2015, my youngest daughter had just turned one and I had a yearning. A feeling like something in my life felt unfulfilled and that there was more. Here I was, happily married, with three healthy, happy and beautiful children, in a house I had dreamed about and starting out in a career that allowed me the flexibility to work from home- but my heart wanted more! What I discovered was I needed more time for me. I always knew that yoga was good for the body, but after I committed to a consistent practice, I felt the benefits in my whole being. My wish is that everyone has this feeling because I truly believe that if you practice yoga, you can change your world.